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$XDC, the utility settlement token in Trade finance that’s native to the XinFin Network, continues to reach new heights. This week: yahoo finance started tracking prices of the $XDC. At the same time, Bitfinex announced the listing of XinFin’s native token on its platform.

With the XinFin network featuring speeds of 2000+ TPS, running KYC enforced master nodes, and offering near-zero transaction costs, the $XDC becomes highly enterprise-friendly, allows governance consensus, and permits instant transaction finality.

What’s more, contract enforceability makes the token stand out. Working under the provisions of the Abu Dhabi Global markets and Market Authority of Singapore, smart contracts on XinFin XDC network have offline enforceability in digital courts within the respective jurisdictions. …

The major financial giants compare against each other in terms of transaction speed.

In April 2019, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, processed its 400th million transactions. Many more such stats show that the last three years were extraordinarily growth-oriented for the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. With an expected CAGR of 76% between 2019 to 2022, there are high expectations from blockchain technology in the coming years.

But before we could stand true to those expectations and bring them from the conceptual form to its real form, there are some major architectural problems with blockchain technology that needs tackling.

Ever since cryptocurrencies started spreading across a wider audience, blockchain and cryptocurrency pioneers are faced with the problem of leveraging blockchain’s maximum scalability. They have kept working on better consensus protocol that would help attain better transaction speed for the blockchain. …

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A municipal bond (Muni Bond) is a standard financial or debt instrument used to fund often development and bigger projects. With three (3) different types of municipal bonds, this financial instrument connects investors, otherwise known as buyers, with the bond issuer — borrower.

Municipal bonds are often issued by municipalities such as cities, counties, school districts, special taxing districts, local or state governments to fund large projects like road, school and facility construction as well as providing amenities. More importantly, several countries have been taking the bold approach towards leveraging the power of this funding source to finance development projects.

Usually, the bond issuer (e.g. local governments) turns to municipal bond because the nature of their request cannot be fulfilled by traditional sources (banking sector, domestic or foreign borrowings) of funds. This is because the amount needs to be raised (capital) are always higher than what the traditional sources can provide. …

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Bonds on Blockchain

The Rundown

  1. Overview
  2. The two digital bonds: BOSS-101 and Bond-i
  3. BOSS-101
  4. Bond-i
  5. Conclusion


Needless to say, technology has changed the way the world of finance works. With the start of the digital revolution, the market for sustainable investing has evolved. Not only the financial instruments have become more digital, the database technology for financial products has also ripened. Sustainable finance has always stood at the forefront of big markets and only a technology that could be used

  1. to provide large-scale financing to fund the projects,
  2. make financial transactions behind the projects efficient, transparent, and secure,
  3. streamline financial transactions in every corner of the globe…


Madelaine maurano

Business Finance analyst, Investor in Cryptocurrency.

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